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Alter Friedhof

Platter Straße

What is called the "Alter Friedhof" (Old Cemetery) on the Platter Straße has been considered a "painter's inspiration" since its dedication in 1832 as a final resting place for some of the leading personalities of the former Duchy of "Alt-Nassau". The 1873 Tourist Guide says: "The cemetery, thanks to its marvellous location and lovely foliage as well as its beautiful monuments decorated by sculptors from near and far, is one of Germany's most attractive cemeteries."

In 1877, the decision was made to create a new cemetery, the Nordfriedhof (North Cemetery). From that time on, the only burials at what became the "old" cemetery were those in family crypts. Still: the last burial, an urn burial in a crypt, did not take place until 1955.

In the twentieth century, in the seventies, the facility was transformed into a recreational park. At the time, 128 funerary monuments worth preserving were registered and moved if necessary. In the centre of the grounds, which were opened to the public in 1977, there are now several playgrounds and barbecue sites.

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