European Youth Circus

Young artists come to Wiesbaden for this Festival every two years in autumn. About 80 young European artists under 25 years of age met from October 16th to 19th, 2014 for this competition. The next European Youth Circus will take place in 2016.
European Youth Circus: Irina Novikova 2014. | © / Foto: Reinhold Fischenich

About 80 young European artists under 25 years of age meet for this competition and present their circus talents to the Wiesbaden audience. Not only the artists come to Wiesbaden, but so do numerous circus and variety show directors and agencies in order to hire the artists for their companies and shows. The European Youth Circus in Wiesbaden is considered to be the place to find new artists among the experts and marks an important date on the calendars of the major European circus festivals. Next to the circus festivals in Paris and Monte Carlo, the European Youth Circus is the most important event of this kind in Europe and once again will take place in 2016.

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