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The "Wiesbaden Brief"

Once a year a letter travels around the world. It is telling us about the big and small events that took place in Wiesbaden throughout the year. The letter for 2016 has now been published.

This is a special tradition that doesn't exist anywhere else: Every year at Christmas the "Wiesbadener Brief" moves around the world. The printed chronology of all the big and small events that took place in the city during the year was once written by Kurt Buchholz, journalist and author from Wiesbaden. In 2012 Ingeborg Salm-Boost, former director of the local newspaper "Wiesbadener Kurier", undertook the task of informing people all over the world about the happenings in the capital of Hesse for the foundation "Freunde der Wiesbaden-Stiftung e.V.".

The recipients live all around the world in Brazil, Argentina, Australia, North America and the Middle East. Although all of them have different motives and experiences, they have one thing in common: a background in Wiesbaden.