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Wiesbadener Brief

Once a year a letter travels around the world. It is telling us about the big and small events that took place in Wiesbaden throughout the year. The letter for 2017 has now been published.

Some wish to touch it with their hands and read the printed word. Others are looking for it on the internet and will find it on the pages of the state capital and the Wiesbaden Foundation (Wiesbaden Stiftung): every year in December, a letter from Wiesbaden, known as "Wiesbadener Brief", travels around the world and is, of course, also available in our city. For instance, from the Tourist Information Centre and the customer service centre of the local newspapers. It is published by the Friends of the Wiesbaden Foundation; Ingeborg Salm-Boost, former head of local editing of the Wiesbadener Kurier newspaper, reviews major of the year and also looks ahead to 2018. Enjoyable events take centre stage. Especially as far as cultural life is concerned, there have been quite a few positive developments, as there are actually several patrons engaged in doing good for Wiesbaden. Of course, developments in the field of construction works will also be looked at, above all, obviously, the new RheinMain CongressCenter. Those who once lived in Wiesbaden, no matter if they are based in Brazil, Argentina, North America, in Australia or in the Middle East by now, might not least be interested in learning about the variety of activities launched by the Wiesbaden Foundation and the Friends of the Wiesbaden Foundation. For example, the Leonardo School Award, was again presented in 2017, continuing a success story that started in 2005. And, thanks to the generousness of a citizen, the Foundation has become the proud owner of real estate. The Wiesbadener Brief letter from Wiesbaden is published, in German and in English, with support from the Wiesbadener Kurier newspaper and from Wiesbaden Marketing with a circulation of 4,000 copies.

Wiesbaden Brief wiesbaden.de, Freunde der Wiesbaden Stiftung e. V.
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