Rheingau Wine Festival

The famous wine festival will again take place from August 12 to 21, 2016. In this year the festival is again one of the event highlights in Wiesbaden.
Rheingau Wine Festival in the heart of the city between city hall, parliament and "Marktkirche". | © wiesbaden.de / Photo: Stephan Richter

The 41st Rheingau Wine Festival take place from August 12 to 21, 2015 between the Wiesbaden city hall, market church and city palace. Welcome to the Rheingau Wine Festival in Wiesbaden! Come along and enjoy a sociable, convivial and varied festival with top-class still and sparkling wines and a diverse entertainment programme in an atmospheric setting from August 12 to 21. Vintners from the Rheingau and Wiesbaden are offering their produce for tasting at around 100 stands. Discover the variety of selected still and sparkling wines in good company, with old friends and new acquaintances. With an attractive and sumptuous range of food served at an additional 20 stands, caterers will ensure that nobody has to starve.

  • Wine Festival 2016

    The 41st Rheingau Wine Festival takes place from August 12 to 21 between the Wiesbaden city hall,  market church and city palace.
  • Stands

    There are 115 stands at the 41st Rheingau Wine Festival: 96 of them are wine estates, there are 16 catering stands and two information stands.
  • Programme

    Between the Hessian State Parliament, the City Hall, the Market Church and the "Dern\'sches Gelände" socializing and entertainment is truly lived during the Rheingau Wine Festival.
  • Travel Offers

    Large numbers of tour groups from Germany and abroad visit the wine festival every year and avail of the opportunity to explore the city and the region.
  • City Tours

    As part of the 41st Rheingau Wine Festival, special tours are offered.
  • Rheingau Region

    Rheingau was already a magnet to English and German romantics in the early nineteenth century. Churches of different architecture, magnificent castles, an Electoral Palace as well as the Cistercian monastery Eberbach still transport visitors into the past.


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Schlossplatz (Square) | © wiesbaden.de

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