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Living in Wiesbaden

Musical Highlights at the City Festival

In 2017, there is a very special open-air concert on Dern’sches Gelände. The event, featuring the legendary rock band "The Hooters", takes place on Friday, September 22nd.

City Festival aficionados are always eager to find out who will be the artist featured as a special guest at the headlining gig on "Dern'sches Gelände" on Friday night. In 2017, it is the legendary rock band "The Hooters" that will rock the stage on September 22nd. With classic hits such aus "Johnny B" and "All You Zombies", the band is linked to the 1980s like hardly any other. Anyone who likes music will recognize their songs from the very first note.

The concert is one of the highlights of the City Festival and always takes place on Friday night on "Dern'sches Gelände". It is financed exclusively through sponsoring - for visitors, the concert is, of course, once again completely free of charge.

The program on stage starts at 5:30 p.m. with FFH radio host Tobias Radloff and supporting act "Rewind". "The Hooters" will be on stage at 8 p.m.

Security is important

On Friday night, the area will be fenced in for security reasons. Visitors should allow sufficient time to arrive on site, as bags and visitors will be searched. Moreover, you should not bring backpacks oder large handbags. Only bags with a maximum size of A4 can be taken inside the fenced area. There is no possibility to hand in or store larger bags.