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Worth doing

Located in the heart of Touraine and near the UNESCO Natural Cultural Heritage Site “Loire“, Fondettes is a perfect starting point for walks, hikes, and mountain bike tours.

Its location in the heart of Touraine make Fondettes an ideal destination for walking, hiking, and mountain biking. The town also offers a variety of cultural events, a broad range of wellness options, and many different sports opportunities.

The town’s lively schedule of events kicks off with the Jazz Over Festival in January and February and continues with the “Printemps des Arts“, a Carnival in March, and the Mountain-Bike-Trail in April. Highlights of the summer are the amateur music festival Music‘am in June and the Fond’estivales in July and August. One Sunday in September is completely dedicated to country living, and the Open Monument Days are also held this time of year. The events schedule culminates in the presentation of works by Fondettes artists in October. A Christmas market completes the town’s list of annual events.