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Living in Wiesbaden

Worth seeing

Fondettes’ history dates all the way back to pre-Christian times and is illustrated by many impressive monuments like the Roman Roads and Aqueducts.

The town’s long history makes any trip to Fondettes a journey through the past. The oldest remnants of settlements date back to Gallo-Roman times (52 B.C. to 486 A.D.). Tourist attractions like the Roman Roads and Aqueducts, the Gallo-Roman poles in Loire riverbed, and the ruins of a Gallo-Roman villa in Chatigny eloquently tell the stories of this eventful history.

Other gateways to Fondettes’ history are Saint-Symphorien Church from the 11th century, the country estate Grand Martigny, the Tithe Barn of Dîmes, the Chapel Notre Dame de la Chevalette from the 15th century, and the cave dwellings that originated in the 16th century.

Other sights you won’t want to miss are the City Hall, Chapel Bridge, Lavaray Abbey, Château de la Plaines, Manor Hamardières, Bel Air Palace, the Closerie Pivottière, Vallières Abbey, the Little House of Aubrière, and the Place Novembre 11ième, 1918.