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Living in Wiesbaden
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Worth knowing

Fondettes has around 11,000 residents and is located in the Départment Indre-et Loire, about 10 kilometres north-west of Tours. The town captivates visitors with its history and cultural scene.

Fondettes is part of the group of local communities “Tours Plus” and is located in the Départment Indre-et Loire in France’s Centre Region. In 2013, the town proudly numbered over 410 private and public companies with more than 2,600 employees in the industrial, trades, retail, and service sectors.

The town is proud of its age-appropriate and well-structured network of schools and care facilities for children and youths. The local council of Fondettes has been involving young residents in its work since 2009: in the children’s council “CLEF“, 19 young members are elected to serve two-year terms and have an opportunity to become politically involved on issues of the environment and quality of life.

In addition to its twinning with Wiesbaden, Fondettes also maintains a twinning with the town of Constância in Portugal.