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Living in Wiesbaden
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Worth knowing

Kfar Saba offers a broad range of high-quality cultural and educational events, and volunteering is a matter of course among its citizens.

Thanks to the high quality of its educational system and its broad spectrum of cultural events, Kfar Saba draws people from all over the nation. Young families move to Kfar Saba to raise their children there. In 2008, the city was honoured to receive the nation’s Educational Award, evidence of the important role of urban development and social responsibility. The city’s  educational system works tirelessly to foster the integration of underprivileged minorities by developing their strengths.

In addition, volunteer commitment by the city’s youth as well as adults is an important factor for increasing quality of life. In 2013, the Ministry for Social Affairs bestowed the Volunteering Community Award upon Kfar Saba. Its residents consider helping one’s neighbour to be one of their most revered values, and the 20,400 local volunteers put this value into practice every single day.

The volunteer spirit is also discernible in a remarkable portion of young volunteers. Fifty percent of the city’s teens perform more volunteer hours than their schools require.