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Worth noting

Klagenfurt is the capital of the Austrian state of Kärnten and has about 95,000 inhabitants. At the same time, the city on the Wörthersee is the economic centre of the state.

Providing around 56,000 jobs, Klagenfurt is the state’s economic centre. World-class enterprises export their goods from here all over the globe. For instance, Philips has one of its most important competence centres in Klagenfurt. Hirsch watchbands are sold all over the world, as is "Stroh-Rum", which is made in Klagenfurt. The juice producer Pago started out as a Klagenfurt family business.

In recent years, the city has also become a centre for information technology. With the respected IT Institute of the University, its college programmes, numerous outstanding IT companies, and the Lakeside Software Park, Klagenfurt is ready for a future in high-tech. Thanks to this network, there is hardly another city in the Alps-Adria region with a comparable concentration of IT competence.

Klagenfurt maintains and initiates contacts with cities all over the world. It has 15 twin towns and friendly relationships and contacts with a number of other cities. For its commitment, Klagenfurt received the European Flag (Europafahne) award in 1968, the "Europapreis" in 1986, and the Golden Stars of Twinnings prize bestowed by the European Commission in 1996.