Technical Requirements

The website of the state capital of Wiesbaden adheres to the advertising standard XHTML 1.0 Strict. Web standards are developed by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in order to ensure that browser software, such as, for example Internet Explorer or Firefox is based on standardised and investment-securing standards.

The state capital of Wiesbaden has optimised its web pages for barrier-free access and therefore uses standardised CSS (style sheets). Unfortunately, older versions of Internet Explorer in particular do not represent the pages correctly in each case. If these pages are not correctly displayed, it is recommended to update to one of the following browsers stated below. The web pages make use of CSS2 and therefore the following browser versions (or higher) are recommended:

  • Mozilla Firefox from Version 3
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
  • Safari 4

JavaScript must be activated in the Internet browser for some functions. JavaScript is a script language for the World Wide Web (WWW), which was developed by Netscape and with the help of which Internet pages can be equipped with interactive and dynamic elements. JavaScript should be activated in order to use the web site in an ideal way (via browser settings). uses this technology, among others to operate the website in a more convenient and quicker way. Furthermore, some forms use JavaScript to check entries for correctness and cannot recognise false entries without JavaScript. Each user is completely free to decide in favour of or against using these functions.

The website of the state capital of Wiesbaden uses cookies for the fast intermediate storage of data in one session. A cookie is a small quantity of data sent by the web server of the state capital of Wiesbaden to the browser and stored there. This stored data is not used for another session. The users can state in their browser whether cookies are to be accepted and can change this information at any time via the setting menu of the browser. Cookies are required by the website to maintain the settings on type size and contrast as well as the contents of the watch list and shopping basket even when changing pages. These functions cannot be used in the case of cookies being switched off.

The state capital of Wiesbaden offers a wide range of information and documents, also in PDF format. This requires a current version of Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here.

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