A high-quality and manifold range is provided due to the museum scene in Wiesbaden. Also very attractive are the different local history museums in the Wiesbaden districts which hold artefacts of their history.
  • Entrance Museum Wiesbaden

    Museum Wiesbaden

    Art fanciers with a passion for the expressionism cannot do without visiting this museum. Installations, objects, sculptures and paintings from the latter half of the 20th century form the focal points of the art collection.
  • Active Museum Spiegelgasse

    Active Museum Spiegelgasse

    Traces of Jewish life in Wiesbaden are preserved and displayed.
  • Clown


    Guests with sense of humour are very welcome to the Harlekinäum, the only museum of humour in the world which is situated in the Wiesbaden suburb of Erbenheim.

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