Rheingau and Taunus

The Hessian State Capital is also popularly known as the "Gateway to the Rheingau". The vineyards with their affiliated restaurants offer just as much variety for tourist activities as the countryside, which is perfect for hiking, cycling or camping.
  • Rheingau Royal Riesling

    Rheingau Royal Riesling

    The Rheingau area around Wiesbaden is famous for its Riesling wine which is produced everywhere in the rich wine area.
  • Kloster Eberbach

    Kloster Eberbach

    Kloster Eberbach is a former Cistercian monastery and Hesse's most important medieval complex. Interiors date back to the Middle Ages. Wine has been produced here for more than 850 years, wine auctions, tastings, and seminars are held here today.
  • Schloss Johannisberg

    Schloss Johannisberg

    Schloss Johannisberg was built in 1718 for the Prince Abbot of the Abbey of Fulda. Today, the descendents of Prince Clemens von Metternich hold the palace in feudal tenure. The old wine cellars and the wine pub are worth a visit.

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