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Product of the month in October - Wiesbaden honey

On a regular basis, the Wiesbaden Tourist Information features a product of the month, in October 2017 special honey from the Freudenberg.

Numerous colonies of bees swarm for the Freudenberg area. One of the swarms lives in a bee box at the castle, another one in a mighty chestnut tree in the middle of the park. Three colonies have settled inside the "Omnibus for Direct Democracy". Others live below the all season's fireplace in a wild garden. All of them are managed and looked after by Demeter (biodynamic) beekeepers.

Demeter beekeepers advocate beekeeping appropriate to the species, use medicine containing natural ingredients of honey, and treat the harvested honey with care. Demeter honey is characterised by its valuable ingredients and its fine aromatic flavour.

  • Bienen-Honig vom Schloss Freudenberg

    Bee honey from Schloss Freudenberg

    Bee honey in a 250g jar from Schloss Freudenberg.
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    6.90 €
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