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Product of the month of July: Blossom sparkling wine

The product of the month of July is an organic floral treat manufactured by the Deutsche Blütensekt Manufaktur [German blossom sparkling wine manufacture].

This small family business produces a choice of delicacies made from fresh blossoms.

The products are of excellent quality and almost all of them are unparalleled throughout the world, certified organic, and vegan. They all come from the company's own development, harvest, and manufacturing. In these specialities, you can enjoy the culinary variety of different blossoms.

Organic-quality blossom sparkling wine

Biologist Dr Anja Quäschning, the owner of the blossom sparkling wine manufacture, spent eleven years working on the recipe for the world's only blossom sparkling wine, a "sparkling wine" made purely from fresh flowers, without wine from grapes. This "Fleur pétillante brut" was awarded the International Wine Award in Gold.

Only freshly picked flowers are used, which have also been plucked from their stems. This is the only way to obtain the typical pure flower flavour without any interfering side aromas. Most of the blossoms are harvested from certified organic wild sources, with some coming from certified organic cultivation. Only a few varieties of blossoms are used from conventional sources if they have better quality and are more readily available.

The product can be purchased at the tourist information centre in the market square.