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Rheingau Wine Festival Wiesbaden
Logo: Landeshauptstadt Wiesbaden


At the 43rd Rheingau Wine Week in Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden Marketing GmbH will present not only the wine glass - this time with the RMCC - but also very special souvenirs.

Glass Wine Festival

Visitors can receive the wineglass for Rheingau Wine Festival 2018 at the price of 2.00 euros.

The wine glass is available this year for 2.00 Euro at the following stands:

The Neroberger white wine

The dry white wine of the Neroberg Mountain wineyard is not sent. However, it can be acquired in the tourist information on the marketplace to be drunk comfortably at home.

Hassocks "reserved for Wiesbadener"

Home match in the stadium, thriller in the open-air cinema or visit of the wine festival- the hassock comes here just in time. Promptly a soft cushion develops for the "hard life" outdoors.

Wine or champagne cooler

A cuff with velcro fastening cools wine and champagne bottles and can be adapted in the size.