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Rheingau Wine Festival Wiesbaden
Logo: Landeshauptstadt Wiesbaden

Twin Town- Kfar Saba, Israel

This year Kfar Saba (Israel) was a guest of Wiesbaden and offered specialties at the twin town wine stand.

The Israeli twin city, Kfar Saba, will be presenting sophisticated wines from the "Teperberg” and "Recanati” wineries this year at the twin city wine stand at the Rheingau Wine Festival 2017.

Award-winning wines are produced from excellent grapes in the regions surrounding Wiesbaden’s twin city. These include wines from the two most famous wineries "Teperberg” and "Recanati” which will be presented at the wine stand.

"Teperberg” is the oldest winery in Israel. Founded by Abram Teperberg in 1870 and family-owned in the fifth generation, it is one of the largest wineries in Israel. The "Teperberg” vineyards are situated in the Judean Hills, the Shomron Mountains and in Galilee. The rocky mountain regions, the mild climate, the long hours of sunlight and cold nights are ideal conditions for cultivating unique, excellent wines.

The "Recanati” winery was only founded in 2000 by a group of wine-lovers. The idea was to make premium quality kosher wines that are still affordable. "Recanati” is situated in the Hefer Valley and can rely on some of the best locations in Israel in the Manara and Kerem Ben Zimra regions in Upper Galilee for its wines. The cooler climate prevalent at the moderately high altitude provides ideal conditions for top-quality grapes. There are also many new vineyards in the Ella Valley and Lower Galilee; regions with climatic conditions characterised by the proximity to the Mediterranean. The resulting different character of the grapes enable the "Recanati” vintners to produce a very nuanced and varied range of wines.

Unlike in Germany for example, Israeli wineries can have their vineyards in different regions.

All of the wines from "Teperberg” and "Recanati” are kosher (Hebrew: pure), i.e. they comply with Jewish dietary laws. From the grape harvest to capping the bottles, great pains are taken to ensure that nothing soils the wines.

Le Chaim! (Hebrew: To life!)