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Christmas in Wiesbaden

Christmas Fairy Tale

This year, the christmas fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland" is spreading christmas cheer throughout Wiesbaden. The play will premiere at the Hessian State Theatre of Wiesbaden on 8 November 2018. Until 18 January 2019 thousands of children and adults will be enthralled by this magical play.

Every year at christmas time, the Hessian State Theatre is charming children and adults alike with a christmas fairy tale.

Alice crashes and falls deeper and deeper into a shaft. Once she finally recovers at the bottom, she finds herself in a strange room with many doors, the smallest of which leads to a secret garden. But for the first time in her life, Alice is too big for something - she does not fit through the door!

Soon, Alice begins to believe that almost nothing is impossible anymore: she grows smaller and smaller, she encounters talking animals and all sorts of strange creatures: a smoking caterpillar, a grinning cat, a shy spider, a "mad" tea party, a court consisting of playing cards and their mad Queen of Hearts. The adventure keeps getting wilder and crazier...but how will Alice get home?

Staatstheater Wiesbaden - Christmas fairy tale. wiesbaden.de
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