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Hotel Rose

Georg-August-Zinn-Straße 1

Hotel Rose is situated on the eastern edge of Kochbrunnenplatz. Its name goes back to 1523, when a complaint of failure to pay rent was filed against Margerethe zur Rose, who was at that time the lessee.  In 1896, the owner was finally permitted to tear down the building. The hotel had 200 rooms, a large bathing facility and an indoor tennis court; in its prime it welcomed many prominent guests.

During the Second World War the hotel served as a conference site of the German-French Ceasefire Commission, from 1945-1948 it was used by the US Air Force. In 1959, Adalbert Rosenow, the last owner re-opened the hotel after substantial renovation, but reduced the number of beds and leased the remaining rooms as apartments to permanent guests.

The property developer Dr. Jürgen Schneider later planned to expand it into a luxury hotel, but suffered bankruptcy in 1994. Between 2001 and 2004 the Land Hesse upgraded the building to transform it into the State Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Hesse.

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