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The design of Kaiser-Friedrich-Platz was formerly surrounded by four Classicist structures. The northern section of today's square between the wings of the Nassauer Hof hotel reminds visitors of the earlier beauty of the Kaiser-Friedrich-Platz.

By contrast, the southern section was downgraded by the planner's layout and a dominating block of flats "Vier Jahreszeiten" (The Four Seasons). The planner's departure from the original urban plan is the reason for the square's relatively lifeless appearance today. The focal point of the square is the bronze monument to an Emperor who reigned for 99 days. Schiller's bronze bust, which had decorated the area referred to as Theaterplatz since 1866, had to make way for the new monument.

While the bust was moved to the school yard of the Oberrealschule (a secondary school) located on Zietenring, the statue of the emperor was mounted on the massive pedestal which had been left behind.

City Map