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Alongside the initial steps towards creating a Kurpark, the building of the new Kurhaus between 1807 and 1810 was a clear statement by Wiesbaden, then a young city and residence of the Duke Nassau, that it was worthy of being ranked among Europe's leading spas.

This was the first park designed to be a landscaped transition from the town to the adjacent hills leading into the Taunus.

A few small changes were made to the park in the early 20th century. Wiesbaden had acquired its reputation as an international spa, and the building of a new Kurhaus was intended to reinforce this reputation. The larger dimensions of the building, dedicated in 1907, and the many guests to the spa resort from all over the world, made an expansion of the orchestra shell appear necessary, and the walkways were in need of widening.  The Nizza-Plätzchen, a small garden framed in part by columns of the former Kurhaus, reminds today's visitors of Wiesbaden's name as the "Nice of the North".

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