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Rheingau Music Festival

A festival in his hometown was already the vision of Michael Herrmann, Director of the Rheingau Music Festival, at the beginning of the 1970s, when he himself sang in choir concerts in cloister Kloster Eberbach. With a few friends and music enthusiasts, Michael Herrmann founded the “Rheingau Musik Festival e.V.” in 1987. In 1988 the first season took place with 18 events in a total of five event locations. The great success led to rapid expansion and today, the programme of the Rheingau Music Festival includes almost 150 concerts in over 40 locations every summer. 1993 saw the foundation of the Rheingau Musik Festival Konzertgesellschaft mbH, and in 2004 the “Stiftung Rheingau Musik Festival“ was formed. This foundation is intended as promoter and partner of the concept of the Rheingau Music Festival. The festival is remarkable for the fact that it is largely financed privately and requires only an extremely low level of public subsidy.