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Cultural centre Schlachthof

Culture in all its varied and many forms – accessible to all social classes and ages: that is the maxim of the Kulturzentrum Schlachthof Wiesbaden (Slaughterhouse Cultural Centre) which has thrilled in excess of 1.5 million visitors with its ideas and manifold events since its opening in 1994.

Due to the dilapidation of the old hall, the new Schlachhof hall has been a venue since November 2012. Now, contemporary concerts, parties, theatre and comedy or even trade fairs can be held here. And yet the Schlachthof has succeeded in retaining its special charm which can be seen from the fact that there is space in the new building for the rehearsal rooms of local bands, artists' ateliers and the catering service "Die Hofköche" (The Court Cooks).

However, the latest improvement to the Schlachthof has taken place in spring 2015 with the opening of the Wasserturm (Water Tower), where the offices and the "60/40" bar moved from out of the old building. Also, it now houses the new club room called "Kesselhaus". The old club room, "Räucherkammer", has now been taken out of service after more than 20 years.

Open all year round.