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International May Festival: Dance and Drama

The Schaubühne Berlin gives a guest performance at the International May Festival: they will put on stage Arthur Schnitzler's drama "Professor Bernhardi" in an intense and densely focused production by Thomas Ostermeier, featuring Jörg Hartmann in the leading role.

In "Paris-Dakar or Schrödinger's cat", two men with broadly differing opinions figuratively duel each other, each believing in his own truth. A world premiere written for the International May Theatre Festival by actor, director, and playwright Manfred Karge, featuring members of the Hessian State Theatre.

Author-actor René Pollesch pulls out all the stops of discourse-swirling theatre in his drama "Cry Baby", supported by four grandiose performers from the Deutsches Theater in Berlin, Christine Groß, Judith Hofmann, Bernd Moss, and Sophie Rois.

Berliner Ensemble gives a guest performance in Wiesbaden of "Panikherz", a drama by Benjamin Stuckrad-Barre, directed by Oliver Reese. For years, self-destruction, melancholy, and excess were the hallmarks of the author's life and work. The soundtrack of his journey is provided by the songs of Udo Lindenberg.

Sebastian Koch reads Leo Tolstoy's "The Kreutzer Sonata". The star actor will bring the confessions of the first-person narrator in this novella vividly to life. Beethoven's "Kreutzer Sonata". op. 47, will provide the musical framework for this evening.

In a reading of "The Lemon Table", actor Uwe Kraus will present two stories by English master narrator Julian Barnes, accompanied by piano player Tim Hawken.

Drama "Cry Baby". wiesbaden.de / Photo: Arno Declair
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