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Christmas fairy tale "Jack Frost"

In the 2017/2018 winter season, "Jack Frost" (Väterchen Frost) is performed at the State Theatre during Christmas time.

What would Christmas time and the Advent season be like in Wiesbaden without the annual Christmas pantomime at the Hessian State Theatre? The tale of "Jack Frost" based on fairy tale motifs from Russian folklore is part of the repertoire this winter. The play premiered on the theatre's big stage known as "Großes Haus" on 4 November 2017, and will be running until 5 January 2018, with more than fifty stage performances in the season.

Jack Frost

The Young State Theatre, or "Junges Staatstheater", will whisk the audience away to the old tradition of Russian fairy tales featuring several characteristic figures and motifs. The story has all it takes to enthral the young and the young at heart during the festive season. There's the good, beautiful and innocent girl who is being bullied around by her bad stepmom and stepsister and eventually left alone in the cold winter forest. A young hero, who seems to be a downright creep at first, appears on the scene, as does Baba Yaga, the wicked witch who's never ever up to anything good. And before Jack Frost can use his kindness and wisdom to happily resolve the plot for a merry Christmas ending, the protagonists are in for an adventure filled with magic moments and replete with villains, forest spirits and other oddities.

Combined with atmospheric and exhilarating music and songs composed by Wolfgang Böhmer, the play is guaranteed to offer a festive Christmas experience for the whole family.

Scene from Christmas fairy tale "Jack Frost". wiesbaden.de
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