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International May Festival: Youth Week

Astrid Lindgren's touching story of "The Brothers Lionheart" (8+) is part of the opening performance of the Youth Week. The opening ceremony of the Youth Week is open to all theatre lovers and will be held on Warmer Damm before, during, and after the play.

"The Story of the Youth who Went forth to Learn what Fear Was" (5+) will be an open-air performance. "Hello, little Piglet" (4+), a puppet show after Janosch about false and true friendship, is a production by Theater Kokon from Weimar. A clever slapstick show featuring magic tablets, "AaiPet" (3+) will be presented by BonteHond from Antwerp, Belgium. The performance of the dance piece "Rock wie Hose" (5+) by Célestine Hennermann from Frankfurt is based on a survey among girls and boys focusing on the question of what is typical of girls and what of boys.

"Pakman" (6+) is a gripping dialogue – without language – between a juggler and a drummer from the group Post Uit Hessdalen from Antwerp, Belgium. The opera "Anne en Zef" (12+), a joint production of the Dutch Opera Spanga with the Amsterdam Jewish Cultural Quarter, was inspired by the diary of Anne Frank. It is about two young people whose lives were marked by the fear of being discovered getting to know each other.

Coming-of-age is the central theme for two friends in "Mongos" (14+), the successful youth theatre production by Follow the Rabbit from Graz, Austria. In the ASSITEJ workshop "Deine, meine, unsere Geschichte(n)?" (Your, my, our story/stories?), everyone interested is invited to discuss central topics of children's and youth theatre. An initiative of the WIR Trägerkreis in Wiesbaden. During the book presentation of "Starke Stücke", the editors will give a glimpse of the book's contributions and discuss the future of children's and youth theatre with theatre practitioners, cultural policy makers, and everyone interested in the future of children's and youth theatre.

Youth Week: Rock wie Hose. wiesbaden.de / Photo: Hessian State Theatre
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