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Living in Wiesbaden

Christophoruskirche Schierstein

Bernhard-Schwarz-Straße 25
65201 Wiesbaden
Telefon: 0611 / 22350

religious denomination: protestant

Franz Anselm von Ritter zu Groenesteyn, the senior building director of the Electoral State of Mainz, gave the vegetable garden of his country estate as the land for St. Christopher's Church. The design for this new church comes from Johann Scheffer, a government official of the duchy of Nassau. Johann Georg Schweitzer, a patrician in Frankfurt, obtained permission for the church council to make door-to-door collections in Frankfurt to support the building of this church; these collections formed the financial basis for this new church. On 3 May 1752, the foundation stone was laid and this Rococo style church was consecrated on 15 September 1754. As was customary, the church was oriented from east to west, with the choir in the east. The external dimensions (length 24 m, width 15 m) correspond precisely to the Golden Ratio. This has made for outstanding acoustics in the church. The tower, which now tilts slightly to the west, is set on the roof truss as a ridge turret. In contrast to the harmonious but plain exterior, the magnificent interior features, unusual for a Protestant church, are remarkable.

Points of interest

  • Uniform Baroque interior area
  • Original paintings from the Renaissance: "Wedding at Canaan" by Paolo Farinati, "Abraham's Sacrifice" by Cornelis de Voss, "Ecce Homo" by Johann Conrad Seekatz, "Seat of Grace", 17th century Middle Rhine
  • Chancel altar and processional cross by Johann Daniel Schnorr
  • Communion chalice from 1690

Opening hours

after the service


Sundays at 10 a.m.

Bus connection

Line 5, Bus stop: Rathaus


around the church, parking lot at the school (Hafenschule) outside of school hours