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Living in Wiesbaden

German-American Friendship Fest

The German-American Friendship Fest took place in Wiesbaden from June 29 to Independence Day July 4, 2018, on the Hainerberg.

As summer is nearing, just like last year, Wiesbaden and surrounding residents looked forward to a colorful German-American Friendship Fest. From June 29 to Independence Day July 4, the previous PX grounds in the Hainerberg Housing Area between Berliner and New York streets turned into a party mile from noon to midnight daily.

As in past years, the fest was located on the parking lot between the old PX and the Taunus Theater on Hainerberg. It offered rides, live entertainment with musical and dance performances and many other attractions. Numerous food vendors offered German and American specialties. The festival was open to all and ended July 4 with a grand fireworks display.

To the degree possible, please use public transportation, walk or bike. The closest German public bus stop is Berliner Strasse, other bus stops in the vicinity include Haus der Ärzte, Abraham Lincoln Strasse, JFK Strasse and Hans-Bredow-Strasse. From the Brita Stadium parking, the festival grounds can be reached via the pedestrian bridge across Berliner Strasse. The Park & Ride grounds at Moltkering and Balthasar-Neumann-Strasse are a few walking minutes from the fest grounds, the P&R area behind the train station (Hauptbahnhof) is about 15 minutes to walk.