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Living in Wiesbaden

Johannes Oerding live on stage at Wiesbaden City Festival

Johannes Oerding, the well-known musician, is to headline the 2018 edition of the City Festival on Friday, 28 September 2018.

Every year, visitors are eager to find out who will be the artist featured at the headlining concert of the City Festival. This open-air music spectacle held at Dern'sches Gelände has established itself as a very special event in the city. The festival, which has free admission, is popular with both young and old music lovers.

This year, Johannes Oerding will be live on stage in Wiesbaden on Friday, 28 September 2018. Thanks to airplay from numerous radio stations, many people will know "Kreise", the title track from his latest album.

Like hardly any other German pop songwriter, in his songs and lyrics, Oerding currently succeeds in establishing a direct emotional connection with his listeners. Backed by a well-rehearsed band and with a brilliant stage presence, he gives every single visitor the feeling of singing just for them. Even in large arenas, he easily manages to convey this closeness to the audience to the very last row.

The stage program starts on Friday at 5.30 pm with FFH presenter Tobias Radloff and the opening act "Mallet".

City Festival

The highlight concert is a component of the city festival and is financed solely by sponsors from the local economy. Like the entire city festival, it helps to promote the city centre retail trade, because an attractive city centre thrives on flourishing shops. At this year's city festival, hundreds of thousands of people will once again flock to the city centre and enjoy the special atmosphere and the programme on the many stages.

Visitor safety is important

The area will be fenced off for this evening for security reasons. There are people and bag controls, so please allow more time. Please do not bring any backpacks and are limited to bags with the maximum size of DIN A4 format.