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The HSK-Wilhelm-Fresenius-Klinik is an ultramodern, medical competence center with a sophisticated ambience. It specializes in the following areas.

  • Opthalmalogy: Here the focus is on cornea transplants, surgery of the anterior and posterior parts of the eye, photodynamic treatments of the macula and electrophysiology.
  • The Center for Short-Term Surgery (CKC): Ambulatory neurosurgical interventions - intervertebral disk operations on the cervical spine and the lumbar spine, peripheral nerve operations, myelopetal infiltrations, trauma surgery, hand surgery and general surgery.
  • Dermatology: Diagnostics and treatment of skin tumors, inflammatory skin diseases, allergies, aesthetic/plastic and operative dermatology, photodynamic and laser therapy.
  • Internal Medicine IV: Inflammatory rheumatic diseases.