The Biebrich Palace Park

The Biebrich Palace, one of the most important baroque palaces along the Rhine River, is located directly on the bank of the Rhine in the Biebrich section of Wiesbaden. The Biebrich Palace, originally conceived as small garden house in 1701, was gradually expanded until 1703 into a small royal residence and, finally, served as the main residence of the princes and dukes of Nassau until 1841. The palace is currently used by the Hessian state government for prestigious occasions and hence is a venue for many conferences and festivities.

The Palace Park, created between 1817 and 1823, is maintained in the style of an English garden, has been the venue of the "International Horse Show at Whitsun" since 1929, and is protected as an historical garden which is open to the public. The Mosburg is located in the Biebrich Palace Park.

The Biebrich palace has a Bistro-Café with a large outdoor terrace where visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of the Rhine River.

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