Fatih (Turkey)

The twinning with Fatih, a district of Istanbul, Turkey’s most populous city, is Wiesbaden’s most recent twin town.

In the summer of 2006, the Foreigner’s Council of the state capital Wiesbaden decided to initiate a twinning with a Turkish city and submitted its idea to the Committee for Citizens’ Involvement, International Understanding, and Integration. In May 2009, a delegation from Wiesbaden visited the Istanbul district of Fatih. In April 2012, a delegation from Fatih paid a return visit to Wiesbaden. Finally, in June 2012, the Wiesbaden City Council approved the twinnings.

A twinning association was founded immediately after the proclamation of the twinning. The twin towns now practice a lively student exchange and organise a number of study and educational tours, and there are many other contacts as well.