Ghent (Belgium)

Wiesbaden’s twinning with Ghent, which was proclaimed in 1969 and reaffirmed in 1994, is marked by dedicated exchanges.

The first contact between Wiesbaden and Ghent dates back to an encounter of the soccer teams of the two city administrations. Friendships developed among the players, and they continued to meet for sporting events and visit one another.

The state capital Wiesbaden had the idea of establishing a twinning with Ghent and officially contacted Ghent city hall. Ghent loved the idea of becoming twin town and the Wiesbaden delegation was cordially welcomed. The twinning was proclaimed in Ghent on September 4th, 1969, and in Wiesbaden on May 21st, 1970. 25 years later, in September 1994, the two cities reaffirmed their wish for cooperation and twinning in the form of a charter.