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Görlitz (Germany)

The goal of the twinning between Wiesbaden and Görlitz was to contribute to peace and freedom in Europe by forging an alliance between two German cities. The twinning was proclaimed in 1989.

In the late 1980's, Wiesbaden began to think about forging a twinning between two German cities in order to contribute to the progress of peace and freedom in Europe. First efforts in Wiesbaden were not successful. That changed when then SED city council member Doris Watzke visited the state capital of Hesse and it was found out that nobody in Görlitz knew about the intention of a twinning. In a letter to the mayor of Görlitz, Gert Eichberg, the idea of a twinning was presented again and confirmed by a visit from a Wiesbaden delegation that same year, 1989. The mayors of both cities signed the twinning charter on December 13th, 1989.