Worth doing

With its full calendar of events, the city on the river Neiße is a tourist magnet all year round. Its location near the border triangle of Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic makes it ideal for discovery tours.

Thanks to its full calendar of events, Görlitz is the cultural hub of its region and draws thousands of visitors to this city on the Neiße every year. Some highlights are the literary festival “Schlesisches Nach(t)lesen”, the Görlitz Night of Organ Music, Jazz Days, the Summer Theatre, the Europa Marathon, the "Fête de la Musique", the pottery market “Schlesischer Tippelmarkt”, the ViaThea Street Theatre Festival, the Old Town/Jakuby Festival, the Fokus Festival, or the Silesian Christmas Market.

But Görlitz has more to offer than a varied range of events. Its geographically unique location makes it an ideal starting point for discovery tours in the three-nation triangle of Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. The natural beauty of the Iser, Sudeten, and Zittau Mountains, the mountains of Upper Lusatia, the Lusatian Heath and Lake landscape, and the Lusatian Lakeland. By the way, the privately owned Landskron Brewery in Görlitz is also worth a trip.