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Worth seeing

Once an important trade centre and first mentioned in written history in 1071, the town of Görlitz with its about 4,000 monuments is today considered a picture book of urban architecture.

The sights in the downtown area of twin town Görlitz are like pearls on a string. Around 4,000 monuments and buildings of every style epoch – Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, “Gründerzeit”, all the way to Nouveau Art – are waiting for admiring visitors. The city is characterized by such sights as the Kaisertrutz Bastion, Reichenbach Tower, Upper and Lower Market, the Flüsterbogen Portal, City Hall, the Hallenhäuser Manors, Waidhaus (one of Görlitz’ oldest buildings), the “Dicke Turm”, the Church of St. Peter and Paul, the City Theatre, the Biblical House, the art nouveau shopping centre, the Postplatz with its “Muschel-Minna” fountain, and the Railway Station, which make the long history of the town, first mentioned in historic records in 1071, come to life. The Holy Grave is more than 500 years old and is considered the most exact replica worldwide of the Holy Grave in Jerusalem.

Görlitz’ City Park is perfect for long strolls. Here, the visitor will find the Meridian Stone marking the 15th line of longitude by which Central European time is defined.