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Kfar Saba (Israel)

The most noteworthy element of the twinning between Wiesbaden and Kfar Saba are the citizens’ encounters where visitors are lodged with host families.

The relationship between the two cities dates back to the early 1970s, when the Wiesbaden Youth Department and Beit Berl College first made contact.

The various contacts culminated in 1980 in the visit of a Wiesbaden delegation to Kfar Saba. During the visit, Zeev Geller, then mayor of Kfar Saba, signalled his willingness to establish an official relationship with Wiesbaden. After the requisite decisions were finalised, the twinning charter was first signed by both parties in Kfar Saba in 1981. Due to scheduling difficulties, the counter proclamation in Wiesbaden did not occur until May 25th, 1983.