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Klagenfurt (Austria)

The town twinning between Wiesbaden and Austria’s Klagenfurt is characterized by close relationships on many different levels. It was formed in 1930 and is considered the world’s oldest twinning.

The first contacts between the cities of Wiesbaden and Klagenfurt came about through the Austrian-German People’s Association (“Österreichisch-Deutscher Volksbund“) in connection with the 10th anniversary of the Carinthian Plebiscite (“Kärntner Volksabstimmung”) and the Liberation of the Rhineland (“Rheinlandbefreiung“) in 1930. In May of that year, Klagenfurt Mayor Dr. Heinrich Bercht visited his Wiesbaden counterpart, Mayor Georg Krücke, and tendered an invitation to participate in the annual meeting of the Austrian-German People’s Association in Klagenfurt. The term “twin town” was first used during this celebration.

The twinning developed into a close and people-oriented relationship. The heartfelt and friendly contacts are still apparent today in the many exchange projects between schools and associations.