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San Sebastian (Spain)

Multifaceted cultural and sports contacts and friendships characterize the twinning between Wiesbaden and San Sebastián (Basque: Donostia), which has been active since 1981.

The twinning got its start during a holiday of then Volunteer City Councilman Armin Klein. During the two years following, he initiated a number of contacts between the two cities. With the encouragement of the Committee of Elders, the contacts were intensified and culminated in the signing of the twinning charter on June 15th, 1981.

The relationship between Wiesbaden and San Sebastián is very lively, which is illustrated by the many different joint activities like cultural encounters, student exchanges, and sports competitions. The twinning is supported by the Wiesbaden twinning association Wiesbaden – San Sebastián e.V., founded in 1983.