Glarus (Switzerland)

There have been connections between Wiesbaden’s largest district Biebrich and the city of Glarus in Switzerland since the 1960's, originally initiated in Biebrich by the “Kalle’sche Gesangverein” (Choral Society). Many friendships between associations of both towns and in particular many personal friendships have emerged from these beginnings. They are fostered and maintained by regular mutual visits.

Glarus is the capital of the eponymous Swiss canton. On January 1st, 2011, the four formerly independent communities of Netstal, Glarus, Riedern, and Ennenda merged into the new Glarus community as part of a large regional administrative restructuring effort. Glarus is an interesting and diverse community that offers locals and guests a multitude of leisure activities, but also a bit of urban flair.