Worth noting

The "Pacte d’amitié" between Bierstadt and Theux was proclaimed in 2011 as part of the festivities honouring the 20th anniversary of the twinning between Terrasson and Bierstadt.

After establishing the twinning with Bierstadt in 1991, Terrasson also signed a twinning charter with Theux in the French-speaking part of Belgium three years later. In 1994, a delegation from Bierstadt accepted an invitation to the signing ceremony held in Theux. This was only the first encounter with Theux, and many followed after 1998, such as visits to the Christmas Markets in Terrasson. Everyone got to know each other, and it was a matter of course that Theux would enrich the Bierstadt Easter Market with its Belgian waffles, chocolates, and other delicacies.

A Belgian delegation was part of the parade in honour of Bierstadt’s 1075-year anniversary. In 2001 and 2003, a group of Bierstadt residents in turn visited Theux and took part in the celebrations surrounding the ten-year anniversary of the twinning between Terrasson and Theux.

Bierstadt repeatedly suggested a joint twinning, a "Ménage a trois", but the idea was rejected several times because at the time, Theux did not have enough capacities for another partnership.

However, after two student exchanges had taken place between Theodor-Fliedner-Schule and the Institut St. Roch in Theux, the town warmed to the idea in 2009 and expressed the desire to sign a twinning charter with Bierstadt. This “Pacte d’amitié“ was proclaimed in Bierstadt in June 2011 and in Theux in November of the same year. The “Comité de Jumelage de Terrasson“ took on the sponsorship of the friendship pact.

In 2012, the Bierstadt twinning association first participated in Theux’ Hubertus Market. Under the motto "Weck, Worscht und Woi” (Bread, Meat and Wine), they offered freshly baked pretzels, bread, canned meats, apple wine and Riesling, and the citizens of Theux were given the opportunity to get to know their new twin town. As with Terrasson, there are now annual visits, and new friendships are forged every year at the Easter, Hubertus, and Christmas Markets.