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Tunbridge Wells (Great Britain)

A willingness to reconcile and mutual visits of British and German war veterans in the 1960s formed the basis of this twinning.

Many years of friendly and lively contacts at many levels culminated in the twinning of Wiesbaden and the English Tunbridge Wells in 1989.

The very close bond between the two cities resulted in a city friendship between Wiesbaden and Tunbridge Wells proclaimed on November 25th, 1970. In April of 1989, this friendship was elevated to the status of a twinning.
The relationships and exchanges between the two cities were very lively from the first, and have only become more so in recent years, mostly thanks to active twinning associations in Wiesbaden and in Tunbridge Wells, who organize a large number of activities and exchange visits.

Wiesbaden is Royal Tunbridge Wells’ only twin town.