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Fast, flexible, eco-friendly: "meinRad" launched in Wiesbaden

Fifty docking stations, five hundred bikes: the "meinRad" bike hire scheme introduced by ESWE Verkehr provides yet another mobility offer for people in Wiesbaden.

No matter if you are going to work or shopping – just register once and start cycling. More than 500 orange rental bikes are available to people in Wiesbaden at many docking stations throughout the city.

Getting started is easy: download the "meinRad" app from the website shown below and register, sign out a bike using the app, and return it using the app again. There are currently 57 docking stations across the entire city – from Adolfsallee to Zietenring.

All customers pay 0.5 euros per unit during the start phase. The first unit of each rental is 60 minutes; every additional unit therafter is 30 minutes.

The regular price structure will apply as soon as the the system is integrated with the Mainz bicycle rental system (presumably in 2019). Students and ÖPNV customers will then travel for 0.75 euros per unit. Those who take out an annual subscription at six euros per month, will get their first hour of each rental free of charge. A one-day ticket for a standard nine euros will be available with both the special rate for public transport customers and students and the normal basic rate. The basic rate for all other meinRad customers will be 1.50 euros per unit. Also, there will be a subscription at 7.50 euros per month, including free rental for every first hour.