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The Altstadt-Schiffchen

Heavy swell in the old quarter.

Wiesbaden city centre is called the "Altstadtschiffchen” (old quarter ship) because it’s shape looks like a ship on the city map. And quite simply – the rest is history. There is plenty to see and experience there at the moment. The many restaurants, cafés, the shops – whether a new piece of jewelry, a new hairdo, designer glasses or a tattoo, really good hamburgers, French cakes, a Schnitzel or pasta. Nothing is boring here. It’s all about entertainment and enjoyment. Cosy in winter, vibrant in summer, on the squares at the local government building, in Bäckerbrunnen and Goldgasse. Because seeing and being seen is a favourite pastime in the narrow streets of the Wiesbaden old quarter.The "Schiffchen” (little ship) is situated between Marktstraße and Goldgasse in the city centre of Wiesbaden. The ship is from the shape of Grabenstraße and Wagemannstraße.