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The Wiesbaden City Beach

Napoleon at the Wiesbaden city beach.

Kastel is Wiesbaden’s secret beach. The sun has only to radiate a little of that feelgood factor and, besides ducks and swans, hordes of people are drawn to Wiesbaden’s city beach. Located directly at the Reduit, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset in a beach chair between palm trees. With a cool drink in your hand and your feet in the sand, you cannot and do not want to fight off that holiday feeling. From a historic point of view, this place has been a destination for day-trippers for 2000 years, which can be proved by a large number of archaeological finds. The Roman Field Commander Nero Claudius Germanicus, Charlemagne, Napoleon and many other great names from our history books are connected with the "Castellum Mattiacorum”. The very best time to visit the Museum Castellum is before sunset.