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My summertime - New points of view

With the campaign "Wiesbaden my Summertime" wants you interested now open up new perspectives of a different kind in the summer.

Where is there anything like this? Dancing in a former slaughterhouse. Swimming in a cultural monument. Experiencing technology dating from 1888 live. Going on a climbing tour in treetops five metres above the ground. You can only get all of this in Wiesbaden! On the following pages, we want to open up new perspectives for you with experiences of a different kind. Your perception. Your feeling and your intellect. Needless to say, the condition for this is a visit to the recommended locations and your willingness to become involved; to let go. This of course applies not only to you as a visitor to the city, but also includes tips for local Wiesbaden people. These nine locations will change your view of your hometown. They will enrich you. And that’s a promise.

Wiesbaden wish a great time in discovering the other Wiesbaden!