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Who actually lives in the treetops?

In Wiesbaden people live in the trees, if only for a limited period of time. In doing so, they discover uninhibited joie de vivre, thirst for adventure and forgotten virtues such as teambuilding. This unusual habitat for the Homo sapiens is located high above Wiesbaden on the “Neroberg”. At a height of five to six metres above the ground. Children and adults alike have boundless fun on the climbing tour through the treetops. In fact, the entire staff of diverse companies can be seen suddenly moving safely in teams from tree to tree. People remember this and it thus inspires their behaviour down on the ground again. After 120 minutes in the treetops, people need something to drink, which they can find in their ancestral habitat on foot. In the beer garden at the tower or in the Opelbad Restaurant.