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Nerotal and "Nerobergbahn"

English landscaping and gravity.

The Nerotal is situated at the foot of the local Wiesbaden "mountain”, the Neroberg. A park built in 1897 to 1898 which is enclosed by the Taunusstraße to the south and the Nerobergbahn to the north. What is special about the Nerotal is not the jogging route but the joy the many mansions flanking both sides of the park bring. There is an abundance of architectural styles here that have become silent witnesses to time. The most exciting aspect however is the Nerobergbahn railway. It was opened in 1888 as a water-powered funicular railway and connects the Nerotal with the Neroberg. At a length of 438.5 metres, the railway bridges the astounding height of 83 metres with a 19.5 % gradient in approx. 3.5 minutes. So much for the facts and figures. The technology is an entirely different matter. Travelling in the downward direction, one train pulls the other up the hill – by means of gravity and water-power. And not to mention the brakes! Well designed down to the finest detail. This railway is a high-tech product from the 19th century. The trip is well worth it.