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The Schloss Freudenberg

Pitch dark and barefoot!

Schloss Freudenberg had a moving history from 1904, the year in which it was constructed, right up to the 1990s. 1993 marked a changing point. It became a place of encounter, experience and awareness. Provided you let yourself get involved. The Dunkel-Bar (Dark Bar) offers a very special encounter. Along the lines of "Imagine you were blind!” you get a feel for life in darkness. Movements become slower. Your sense of smell and taste become stronger. Your sense of touch returns. You will never again perceive the drink served by a Dark Barkeeper with such intensity. The same applies to the food. It is like experiencing your own senses anew, possibly even winning them back. If that’s not enough, then try out the barefoot path. Here too, you experience perception differently, through your body. All in all – it’s worth it. A visit to Schloss Freudenberg always has a refreshing positive experience in store.